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byteethorbullets said: I was wondering if I can ask some questions about La Horror Haunts. You guys spend a lot of time enjoying them, Im sure you'd have some great knowledge I can use on my research paper.

Yes, of course! :-) I will private message you my email.

Deadrise, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Weekend Recap:

Delusion: Masque of Mortality - Intense as usual, and a fantastic show. Why do they always pick me? Second year in a row I ended up in a finale. I guess I look like the “scared” type. 

The Purge: Fear the Night -
Yes, this attraction had HORRIBLE reviews at first, but they saved it. We were invited to one of their dress rehearsals when they were in the middle of changing it. We were asked to observe and give our input. Strange to ask us, but it was an interesting experience. I hope we helped. 

LA Live Steamers Ghost Train -
This is one of my favorites. Imagine a mini version of LA Hayride, but for all ages. Very fun! 

Zombie Joe’s Urban Death: Tour of Terror -
New one for 2013. Very different than your typical haunt, which I really enjoyed. It’s part maze, part theatre. Adults only. 

Chambers of the Mausoleum and The Labyrinth of Lost Relics -
Another favorite every year. Deserves more attention! These folks work for freaking Garner Holt Productions - you can only imagine the detail in this! 

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor -
Haven’t been since 2010, so it was time! LOVED IT. Highlights: the characters (The Captain, Ring Leader!), the mini show introducing the characters, and the Freak Show mini attractions. So great! And I saw Shane West.
Chambers of the Mausoleum
Delusion: Masque of Mortality. 

Seek refuge…
Los Angeles Haunted Hayride
Sorry - been MIA this season here! Been a great month so far!

Breakdown of the Weekend: 
Rob Zombie: Interesting. They weren’t ready. I also got googley eyed by Ron Jeremy. Fuck

LA Haunted Hayride: Always one of the best. Love love it. We had an incredible shoot. Our best yet! 

Reign of Terror: Horror Nights quality - deserves more attention! 

Mourning Rose Manor: Small yard display, but truly shows what Halloween is about! 

Sinister Pointe: Got a few “scares” here! First of the season! 30ish people joined our special SP night, and everyone was super stoked. Makes me happy to see everyone happy and thankful for doing these things! We even broke many “Knott’s shells”… as in, Sinister was their first non-Haunt event! Wow! 

Anyway, more to come starting this Thurs!
Ah - been so busy with all this Halloween stuff! We went to Knott’s Scary Farm on Sunday to film/take photos of the scare zones, as well as watch the main shows. Fun line-up this year, but I still miss Ed Alonzo. 

What did I do Saturday?! Fuck. Oh! We visited Field of Screams in Lake Elsinore for the first time in I think 4 years since new management took over. Naturally, we went to Pechanga Casino right after. Didn’t win shit. A bunch of douche bags, too. 

This week is LA Haunted Hayride, Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare, Mourning Rose Manor, Reign of Terror, and ending the weekend with our monthly meet ups at Trader Sam’s. But there’s MORE! If you go to our meet up, you get a wristband for DISCOUNTED tickets to Sinister Pointe, lights-on tour, and Q&A! Don’t miss it. Yeah, I am exhausted. Did you know I also have a full time job? Doing more theme park stuff?!
The Purge: Fear the Night
Forevermore, Knott’s Halloween Haunt

Went to see Depeche Mode last night. 6th time. 16 rows from the stage. It was fucking awesome.

Haunted Hollywood Sports
Black Magic, Knott’s Halloween Haunt
El Cucuy, Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood
Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood. 

Can’t believe it’s already over.